Wooden Magnetic Toys

Wooden magnetic toys by Shape kids have been designed to not only help stimulate the creative aspect of your child but it also provides you the parent with a time out session.

As parents we are busy and get tied up on our own activities and its times like these that we look to the cupboard of toys to keep the children occupied for an hour or so.

Here are some benefits of Shape kids wooden magnetic toys

  • They repel and join together like magic……..children are intrigued
  • They are durable and will last for years
  • Theresa Triangle has at least 18 different shape combinations
  • They appeal to both boys and girls
  • Arms and legs can spin around by your child
  • Child learns how to connect the parts
  • Increases creativity and cognitive skills
  • Kids can play with them alone



With four wooden magnetic toys to choose from, you have a simple but very effective choice of wooden educational toys to both keep your child amused for hours and at the same time providing you an opportunity to get on with your stuff.

Everyday we get calls from parents who can’t get over how long their kids play with these very simple Shapes. The magnets are intriguing for children as they can’t see the force of the magnets, but they do know something is going on.

If you have one child or if you have a group over the Shape Kids magnetic toys will be a big hit with them. It really comes down to the fact that the children can play their own games and make their own decisions on where the different pieces need to go.

It doesn’t have to make sense to us parents as it is their creations and views that count. They have the freedom to experiment and there is no right or wrong.

Just watching our own grand children playing with the magnetic shape toys, and seeing how they react to being free to put anything anywhere. No TV or any technology, just simple magnetic blocks that can be transformed into shapes.

If you are looking for a solution that allows you some personal time out while you child is happily playing then get your Shape Kid today.


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