Wooden Magnetic Blocks

Whether or not your children love wooden magnetic blocks, they will certainly love the Shape Kids, there’s 4 wooden characters called Theresa Triangle, (the little girls love her, is it because she is a bit of a know all madam and they can see themselves in her) next is Steven Square, (my grandson’s favourite, and I KNOW that’s because Steven Square is the one that gets up to the mischief), (and that is certainly like my 7 year old grandson Jaden), next comes Carla Circle, a delightful round wooden magnetic block¬†who is a little bit shy, last but not least is¬†Richard Rectangle who is just a cool sensible dude.


The Shape Kids are different to your everyday wooden magnetic blocks in that they have names and personalities and stories written about them, the Shape Kids are Honest in which Steven Square finds a wallet full of money and wants to spend it all on lollies, that is until the others learn him a lesson about honesty and its a lesson he thoroughly enjoys. Next is The Shape Kids Learn Not To Lie, in this book Steven Square gets caught out in a lie and makes himself look foolish in front of the other Shape Kids and his mom, Mrs Square, he is so embarrassed he promises never to lie again.

After playing with the Shape Kids wooden magnetic blocks your children will find the ordinary blocks a bit boring, all the heads and limbs are magnetic so kids can make heaps of funny characters, at one of the markets I did one young boy made what he said was a rocket out of Theresa Triangle and a friends grandson said his creation was a robot, so kids brains are definately working when playing with these new to the market wooden magnetic blocks.


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