Shape Kids for Kindergartens

“New Magnetic Toys and Books to Keep Your Kids Happy for Ages”

Looking for new educational toys that will entertain your group of toddlers? Or maybe you are looking to raise money………..then our Magnetic Toys by Shape Kids could be your answer.

Shape Kids are a family that are suitable for 3-6 year old’s and include

  • Theresa Triangle
  • Steven Square
  • Carla Circle
  • Richard Rectangle
  • The Shape Kids Learn NOT to Lie Book
  • The Shape Kids are Honest Book

The arms, bodies and heads are all interchangeable, which means the kids can arrange all the different parts to create their own shapes. As an example there are 18 different shape combinations for Theresa Triangle……one of the major reasons the children can entertain themselves for long periods of time.


Watch as Kids Play with the Shape Kids


Some key facts about Shape Kids Magnetic Toys

  • They repel and join together like magic……..children are intrigued
  • They are durable and will last for years
  • They appeal to both boys and girls
  • Arms and legs can spin around
  • Child learns how to connect the parts
  • Increases creativity and cognitive skills
  • Kids can play with them alone
  • Non Toxic

Currently we retail on our website each shape kid for $25 which means a set of the 4 different shapes would be $100.

We have organised special packaged deals for your kindergarten. Obviously the more you purchase the bigger the discount which provides you with the opportunity to sell directly to parents.

Once parents see how much their child enjoys playing with the “Shape kids” then providing them with an opportunity to purchase their own set will be easy.


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