Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Magnetic Wooden Blocks by Shape Kids are excellent toys for building and understanding of color, shapes, and patterns. There is so much room for learning by using these wooden magnetic toys! And best of all, it’s fun!


Shape Kids magnetic wooden blocks are educational, innovative and lead-free. Our 4 Shape kids designs are great because of their educational and creativeness aspects.

Patten shaped  blocks are great school readiness toys for teaching spacial logic, shapes, coordination and concentration. There are four sets over-all. Parents normally want magnetic pieces for their kids since magnets help them keep track of the pieces.

This is a terrific set of shape blocks for the price! Very nice quality. The fact that it is magnetic makes it easier for little ones to play with – less frustrating than the non-magnetic types.

The Blocks fit perfectly to each other which prevents any frustration your child might have with other magnetic blocks.

Shape Kid blocks are wonderful for preschool- and kindergarten-aged children. They help to develop fine motor skills and mathematical thinking.

With our magnetic toys we have circles, squares, rectangles that the children can make into any designs they want to. Te are only limited by their own imaginations.

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