Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic  building blocks can come in all shapes and sizes but have you seen any come in the shape of kids?

Well now you can get the best type of magnetic building blocks just by going to my new website being built on, see the Shape Kids come to life, they are 4 fun filled characters called Theresa Triangle, where everything on her is a triangular shape, head, body, arms, legs, eyes, nose and mouth, then there’s Steven Square where everything on him is square (you get my drift) ditto with Carla Circle and Richard Rectangle, these are the best type of magnetic building blocks because the Shape Kids will not only give your kids hours of fun and even after seeing kids playing with them  and thinking I had seen all the funny characters that could be built with them,  I am still being proved wrong, there is just so many ways these toys can keep your little ones amused.

Plus there are also the books based on morals that you can buy to complement these magnetic building blocks, there is The Shape Kids are Honest and The Shape Kids Learn to Lie, I had a message  from my friend who runs a beauty salon from her home and said her client, a kindy teacher wanted me to go and see her, she had a 4 year old boy in her kindy who was telling lies and she wanted to read the books to her class, she bought the whole set and 2 books and said she had never seen anything like the Shape Kids before so before you start searching on Google for magnetic building blocks don’t forget to go to the shapekids website  first,  Also you can go to YOU TUBE  to see a couple of Shape Kid videos.


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