Magnetic Blocks for Kids

Magnetic Blocks for Kids from Shape kids will have your child entertained for hours. Our magnetic blocks are actually shapes of people that can be interchanged.


The Magnetic BlocksĀ  develop. coordination and creativity. especially good for parents and pre school teachers when you have indoor recess due to bad weather.

Children make their own creations and each time they can imagine they made something new. The variety of colours are also very interesting to the children. They are gender specific, but at 3-5 years of age we have noticed that this is not really an issue as the children interchange shapes at will.

The Shape Kids Magnetics Blocks for Kids are easily stored at packed away. The Magnetic blocks all stick together which also stops you losing any of them.

Its engaging and I find myself building things when bored watching tv. a good toy to have.


We have stories of 5 year olds sitting and building with the shape kids magnetic wooden toys with for hours, even the mums and dads join in to help and engage with their child.

They can addictive and you might find yourself sitting there for a long time building with them too.

The more shape kids you buy……..we have 4 sets – this will provide you with even more options so your child could build bigger things. Even the little ones who are crawling can join in, nrmally by wrecking what you have just finished building. The bigger pieces make them easier to hold onto.

On top of it being fun its also educational because your children have to figure out what pieces fit together.

Magnetic Blocks for Kids will be the toys of choice in power failures, long car rides, or just rainy afternoons.

Kids can play alone or with others and still enjoy the shape kids.

Phenomenal value that will last you many many years. The pieces are very durable and unlike Leggos, they don’t stay in a permanent form that only get played with once.

Your child can create something and admire it and half the fun is then smashing them all up.

Magnetic Blocks for kids by Shape kids is the best investment you can make to provide long term affordable fun for your kids.



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