Magnetic Blocks For Children

It seems like forever that  magnetic blocks for children have been a firm favourite, but now there’s a new kid (or should I say kids) on the block, they are THE SHAPE KIDS, Theresa Triangle, bit of a  know  all,  Steven Square, the mischievous one,  Carla Circle, the shy one, and Richard Rectangle, the sensible one,  4  very different from anything before magnetic blocks for children.


And once you see them you will realize  these really are the Rolls Royce of MAGNETIC BLOCKS FOR CHILDREN, in that not only do they can keep the children’s interest with their own personalities and escapades but also  children can identify with them, as my grandson does with his favourite  Steven Square (both are a bit mischievous) and because their heads and limbs are magnetic  kids just absolutely love them, as do their parents, not only do they keep them interested and give the parents a bit of time out but they are also educational and fun, make them use their brain and creative skills to make hilarious characters like one body with four heads, (one  of my grandson’s creations)

When I created The Shape Kids I just thought kids would change heads for heads and arms for arms etc but of course kids are much smarter than that, so not only do they build new characters they have hours yes hours of fun doing it,  my friends grandson played with them for 2 hours nonstop much to his amazement (and delight at the time  to himself).


Magnetic Blocks For Children


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