Kids Magnetic Blocks

PARENTS do you want to help your kid’s cognitive skills and  imagination then check out The Shape Kids website,, these kids’ magnetic blocks are just the thing to get your kids creative juices flowing.  Aimed at ages 3 to 6, I have found parents and grandparents are buying them for kids of upwards of 10 months. When it comes to kids magnetic blocks these are the real deal, 4  delightful characters who come to life in your children’s hands and heads.

Will they love the pink and purple  Theresa Triangle with her yellow head?, perhaps  the mischievous red and green Steven Square? Or as lots of mums and dads have realized Richard Rectangle with his smaller shaped magnetic block hands and feet is the perfect size for little fingers and full of colour too to attract and keep your kid’s interest, last but definitely not least is Carla Circle with her endearing face and bright red body, she is a little bit shy, in contrast to Theresa Triangle who thinks she is a bit cleverer  than the rest.



The beauty of these kids magnetic blocks are that not only are they educational and fun, kids can play alone or with friends and when you hear the squeals of delight as I did with my (then) 6 year old granddaughter who kept running into the kitchen where I was making dinner, “Granny Janny”, she said to me numerous times, “look at this one I’ve made”  and according to Madi’s mum Anna when Madi took them back home to Wellington they kept her 2 yr old stepsister entranced the WHOLE WEEKEND, something Anna said had never happened before.

So when searching on the internet for KIDS MAGNETIC BLOCKS don’t forget to give The Shape Kids toys and books the once over, you will be glad you did when you are sat there with your feet up reading your magazine  and cup of tea 9or glass of wine0 while your little ones play happily at your feet.



Kids Magnetic Blocks



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