About Us

Twenty years ago Jan Grime had a great idea for a children’s storybook.


She isn’t sure where the original idea came from, but once she started writing and designing the book, the ideas kept on flowing.

Jan has written two books  The Shape Kids are honest and The Shape kids learn not to lie.

The Books are aimed at 3-6 year old’s and follow the adventures of four colourful shape kids. Steven Square is the naughty one, but lucky for him, the others put him right.

Richard Rectangle is the sensible one, Theresa Triangle is a bit of a know it all and Carla Circle is the shy one.

All the books are based around morals and are basic educational tools where kids can learn about shapes and colours.

Each “Shape Kid” is made from Wooden blocks joined together with magnets, meaning children can swap around the pieces to create a range of different characters.

For any questions about orders please call Jan on 027 450 4852 or email her jan@shapekids.co.nz